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Dr. Strange - Commission by ~taguiar
All that piano must be rough on those nerve damaged hands.  Just saying.

good question

Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom

— J. J. Kirby and Edgar Delgado

Because at some point this became a Dr. Strange appreciation blog.
Artist: http://looklooklookitabook.deviantart.com/
More or less, yeah.  But, if I&#8217;m not mistaken, the Vishanti generally only grant their epic, epic power to the Sorcerer Supreme and as he&#8217;s not Supreme anymore uhh.  Yeah.
Greg Land, you can even make me hate Clea.  Fuck you and your painted on clothes that don&#8217;t behave the way spandex, or ANY OTHER MATERIAL actually would.  Also, tits and utterly vapid expressions.  Heck yes, quality.

Oh, thanks, Tumblr queue for making it seem like I was dead for two days. Here’s some unqueued Greg Land because fuck you.

Clea by Steve Rude

There is apparently not enough Clea on tumblr.